Friday, September 7, 2012

ReTHINK :Is Your Boss an Office Tyrant?

This article caught my attention and let's bounce it to the tribes. Let us do some litmus check over here.
If you've been hitting the snooze button lately on weekday mornings instead of hitting the shower—or find yourself taking the long way around to avoid passing by the corner office literally dragging yourself, you may just be working for a TOT, that is, a "Terrible Office Tyrant."
I went through this before and let us get it dramatic.

You get into the office and wonder why your e-mail says "Server Error or Mail Box full". Then you begin to realize that your demanding TOT crashed your computer with 37 inbox requests with enormous files, all before 8 a.m. At 8:30 he drops and asks, "What's with the no response?" The need for control, desire for perfection, or concern about deadline pressures from above can spur your TOT to bark out orders like a drill sergeant.

 Or best still you may also find it this way.

A much-used word for this type of TOT is "no," as they assert their power. They are also heard saying things like, "can't," "don't ask again," "because I don't want to," and so on. Their decisions may be bad ones, but nevertheless, the declarations have been made. For many stubborn TOTs, compromise takes them out of their comfort zone. In other cases, they feel it diminishes their stature.

Or the classic TOT.

Your project team falls short of the projected quarterly claim figures. So your TOT throws a tirade that makes one thinks of a 2-year-old sprawled on the floor after being told "NOooooOOoo!" Assessing the situation rationally and opening a constructive dialogue is NOT in the cards for your tantrum-prone TOT. These bosses cannot manage difficult situations where they are powerless, especially if your work led to the problem, or if you're in their line of fire.
 Sounds familiar.Congratulations, you might just work for a TOT and lets see what this article has to say.