Friday, December 14, 2012

ReTHINK : Letz make a difference....

ReTHINK: Make your presentation sticky

Spreading Happiness :
The best part of waking up ... is having us to inspire you 

Unexpectedness: surprise and interest

You must ne expecting the same boring stuff that you've always heard thousand times before.
Yes I know how to buckle a seatbelt. Smoking hasn’t been allowed on a flight since they were still making Lethal Weapon movies. I get it.

We make use of this video in our recent workshop where we trying to deliver the point of UNEXPECTEDNESS. Aything deviating from repearing pattern grabs will grab the audience attention.

The great part is they continue to use unexpectedness throughout the video. Every time you think they’re going to return to the expected “here’s how to buckle a seatbelt” instruction, they surprise you with something else.

Getting attention: surprise

The basic way of getting someone’s attention is : break a pattern. Our brain is wired such that it immediately picks up on changes, any kind of change.

Do something unexpected, change something in your routine. It’ll get you off to a good start, just don’t overdo it, it still has to fit you and your message. But there’s more.

One reason why we often remember so little of a  message that we’ve heard, is that they often all sound familiar.  If you want them to pay attention, focus on the new and unexpected in your message. Break the thinking pattern, surprise them, create knowldge gap and curiosity.

Keeping attention: interest

How do you keep your audience’s attention once you’ve got it? By creating interest.

The best way of creating interest is to use our brains built-in need for closure. When we hear a story, we want to know how it ends. When we read a thriller, we want to know who did it. When we are presented with a mystery, we want to know the answer, the solution.

Curiosity happens when we feel a gap in our knowledge that we want to close. But here’s the catch: it has to be a gap in our knowledge, it starts out with knowledge. If your sermon doesn’t fit the amount of knowledge your audience has, you may lose them all together because they won’t make efforts to close the gap. So make sure you start with what they do know and then create a mystery, a curiosity to make them want to close the knowledge gap.

Here is few of the example that we make use in our workshop.


And you can find this as well ;)



Thursday, December 6, 2012

Delivering Happiness: Why At Zappos It's Your Birthday Every Day

It’s not easy to go the extra mile and deliver and awesome experience 365 days per yea round the clock . And it is even hard to bring happiness for your employee 365 days per year round the clock.
But there is this one company "Think Different"ly and manage to make it, Zappos.But how do Zappos actually achieve this? It all starts with bringing in the right people. They even when to the extend of having every new recruit to undergo two weeks answering the phones with the rest of the customer service reps

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