Sunday, October 14, 2012

ReTHINK : The leadership of Mahatma Gandhi

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Recently a lecturer asked me this question, " How does a culture of nation affect leadership?"

And this doesn't take me awhile from answering as who can deny the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. Leader that changed the whole course of history by using peaceful Satyagraha.

A shy and the timid boy became mature and confident man because of one event in his life, while traveling in a train, a white person in South Africa tried to throw him out because of his color, this made an everlasting impression on Mr. M. K. Gandhi and made him determined to fight against racial discrimination. Reasons which made him great were his capacity to understand the situation, understand the pulse of the people and deal with the problem creatively. Gandhi was clear in his vision that British could not be defeated through violence. Hence, he used his peaceful Satyagraha to protect against racial discrimination and economic exploitation under the British rule in India.

Another important decision taken by Mahatma Gandhi was about the relation between the leader and people. Immediately after coming to India from South Africa, he traveled throughout India. He reached the conclusion that he should come to the level of people of India and live like them in order to motivate them for freedom struggle.

Leadership Style of Mahatma Gandhi

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