Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Osho : listen to you inner sense


The society had condition you in such a way. Difference is not allowed because difference ultimately leads to individuals, uniqueness and society is very much afraid of individuals and uniqueness. That means somebody has become independent of the crowd and he does not care about the crowds.
The moment you behave a little bit differently you become of stranger, and people are very much afraid of strangers.

listen to you inner sense
Go and look at the rose flower, and don't just repeat parrot like, "This is beautiful." This may be just opinion, people have told you; from your very childhood you have been hearing, "The rose flower is beautiful, is a great flower." So when you see the rose, you simply repeat like a computer, "This is beautiful." Are you really feeling it? Is it your inner feeling? If not, don't say it.
Looking at the moon, don't say that it is beautiful -- unless it is your inner sense. You will be surprised that ninety-nine percent of the stuff you carry in your mind is all borrowed. And within that ninety-nine percent of stuff, useless rubbish, the one percent of inner sense is lost, is drowned. Drop that knowledgeability. Recover your inner sense.
You depend so much on what others have to say. If someone says, "you are looking very happy", you start feeling happy. If twenty people decide to make you unhappy. They just have to repeat it the whole day - whenever you come across them, they just have to tell " you are looking very unhappy, very sad. What is the matter? Somebody died or something?" And you will start suspecting: so many people are saying you are unhappy, you must be.
You depend so much on people's opinions. You have depended on people opinion's s much that you have lost track of inner sense. The inner sense has to be discovered.
Stop being influence by other people's opinion. Rather, start looking in ... allow your inner sense t say things to you, Trust it. if you trust, it will grow. If you trust it, you will feed it, it will become stronger.