Monday, August 27, 2012

Osho :Society that prefer human machines

All my life I try to live up with what Abraham Lincoln said once "Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right."

But perhaps the society prefer someone who don't standout to speak what is right, Someone being machine than the human who think.The society prefer someone with blind obedience. I would like to share with the Tribes with what Osho said once on why society prefer blind machines.Here it goes...


Just think: the man who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, if he had been intelligent he would have simply said "No!" Even at the risk of his own life he would have said no.

He would have said, "If you want to kill me, kill me, but I am not going to kill one hundred thousand people. They have not committed any sin. They are innocent civilians - small children, old people.... They have no responsibility for the war! They have not  caused it. Why should I drop the atom bomb?

It is better to die than to kill one hundred thousand people."  If the man had been intelligent, he would have immediately said no. But he must have been utterly stupid: he dropped the atom bomb, and had a good night's sleep. His sleep  was not disturbed.

In the morning when he was asked, "Could you sleep in the night?" he said, "Certainly, I slept well! I did my duty, I finished my job, and then I had a good night's sleep. Whenever I do my duty perfectly well, I always sleep well."

One hundred thousand people burnt within five seconds, and not even a nightmare came to this man?

Just think: we must have destroyed his intelligence totally; we must have reduced him to a machine. Machines don't have any conscience, machines don't have any consciousness, machines don't have any heart. And the society needs machines, more and more efficient machines. Hence the universities go on reducing people to efficient machines.

If you are a BA it means you have a certificate that you have lost much of your intelligence. If you are an MA, even more; if you are a PhD, finished! No hope for you.

It is said that when Henry Thoreau came back from the university, an old man of his village came to see him and was very much surprised. Seeing the old man very much puzzled and surprised, Thoreau asked him, "Why do you look so puzzled? Why are you so much surprised?"

He said, "I am surprised because you have really done a great job: you have saved your intelligence, although you have been to the university. You still look intelligent! This very rarely happens: to escape from the university and still remain intelligent -- because  the whole machinery of education is to make you mechanical."

A new education is needed in the world, which will make you more conscious, not more
knowledgeable, which will make you more loving, not more logical. Logic is good -- if love remains the master, then logic is a good servant; but logic should not be the master, and love should not be the servant.

Knowledge is good if consciousness remains in control. But if knowledge is in control, if the head is in control, then the heart is killed, destroyed.

The society does not need intelligent people, hence it has created conditionings -- social, religious, political, educational -- great psychological strategies have been invented down the ages to reduce you to a thing, to reduce you to something pseudo, to reduce you so that you can become a commodity in the marketplace.

You have to be aware, because you exist in a society which is against your intelligence.

My sannyasins are trying to do... what the society has destroyed in them, they are trying to revive. What the society has done, they are trying to undo it. That's the whole work of sannyas -- and that has ALWAYS been the work of a real true religion.