Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ReTHINK : Be positive even it's not your blood group

Positive and Negative Vibrations
The word vibe is often used to describe a mood or a feeling that you pick up from someone or something. For example, you may say you pick up a good vibe when you are around a certain person. Or you may say that you get a negative vibe when you walk in a certain part of a city or neighbourhood. In all of these cases, the word vibe is used to describe the mood or feeling you are experiencing. In short, a vibe equals a mood or a feeling.

The word vibe comes from the longer word vibration (which isn’t used often by most people). In the ‘vibrational’ world, there are only two kinds of vibrations, positive (+) and negative (–). Every mood or feeling causes you to emit, send-out or offer a vibration, whether positive or negative. If you go through the dictionary and select every word that describes a feeling, you would be able to put them into either of these two categories. Each word will describe a feeling that generates a positive vibration or describe a feeling that generates a negative vibration.

Each one of us sends out either a positive or negative vibration. In fact, we are always sending a vibration. Think about the expression "He gives off good vibes," or "This neighbourhood gives me negative vibes."

Every single moment you have a mood or a feeling. In this moment right now, the mood or feeling you are experiencing is causing you to emit or send out a negative or positive vibration.

Here’s where the Law of Attraction comes in. The Law of Attraction (universal energy around you that obeys the science of physics) is responding to the vibration you are offering. Right now, in this very moment, it is matching your vibration by giving you more of the same, whether positive or negative.

For example, when a person wakes up first thing Monday morning feeling a little bit cranky and irritated, they are sending out a negative vibration. And while they are sending out this negative vibration, the Law of Attraction responds, matching the vibration they are sending and giving this person more of the same. (The Law of Attraction always matches your vibration – whether positive or negative.)

So, this person gets out of bed, stubs their toe, burns their toast, the traffic is snarled, a client cancels and then they catch themselves saying "I should have stayed in bed!"

Or, how about the salesperson who is joyfully excited about a huge sale they just made, thus sending out a positive vibration. Shortly after, they get another ideal sale. They catch themselves saying "I’m on a roll!"

In both of these examples the Law of Attraction is at work, unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring them more of the same, whether positive or negative.

You might ask what it got to do with ReTHINK: THINK DIFFERENT. We Believe that we are here for a reason.I believe that a bit of the reason is throw little torches out to lead by through dark by inspiring the others...