Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Thought

Psychologists estimate that, on average, we have asmany as sixty thousand thoughts in a typical day. If we sleep six to eight hours a day, then we are having about on thought each second.
When we started paying attention to my thoughts, I found my head filled with an endless dialogue. I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t having sixty thousand new and useful thoughts.

Instead, I was repeating a series of unproductive fight, flight, and freeze thoughts—doubts about myself, doubts about my abilities, imagining upcoming scenarios with difficult people and difficult situations, criticizing and judging myself and others, and analyzing everyone and everything (and not necessarily in a positive way).

If everything we say and do first begins in thought, I wondered how I was able to accomplish anything of significance to me with all that chatter.
when we manage our thoughts and stay in the moment, we release many of those sixty thousand daily thoughts. We create the space for powerful thoughts to come through.

Creative ideas emerge when our heads are clear, when we give our minds a rest, and when we do what we love to do. These creative ideas result in great decisions. And we don’t waste time, energy, or money. We focus on what is significant.