Wednesday, March 7, 2012

English Is evolving into a language we may not even understand

Communication skill is one thing that taken for granted in most of the corporate world.Today I was in an important meeting and I got a manager who proudly said to the crowd," to toast who never submit,please to so. I laughly know who haven't to so."

That update threw me off from my morning dream and I tried my level best to decode his message. As I knew it's an important message underscored by a department manager.

After a couple of minutes, it make sense as i manage to break the Da Vinci code. what he meant actually is that "to those who haven't submit ,please do so. I roughly know who haven't do so."

English Is evolving into a language we may not even understand.Any language is constantly evolving, so it's not surprising that English, transplanted to new soil, is bearing unusual fruit.

Soon, when Americans travel abroad, one of the languages they'll have to learn may be their own.

Perhaps below visual analogy can paint a better mental picture who think it's fine to speak in a so called evolved English without a single pinch of